This page contains projects and project ideas. Feel free to steal the ideas if you feel like implementing them.


I've become increasingly interested in OpenData, specifically through UlmAPI (the datalove Hochschulgruppe), also called OKLab Ulm now that we're cooperating with code for Germany, which in turn is part of the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany. Visit their website for actual competence on the topic. All the projects are on our github page and you can see my contributions there.

The next cool things happening at OKLab Ulm are a CodeWeek event (see also and the 3rd Open City Camp, this time in Stuttgart. Obviously most of these things are in German.

C++ by doing

See github project.

Paper finder

See github. Currently the most interesting things are a sane and interoperable storage format (XML?), writing additional parsers to parse e.g. IEEE or SpringerLink pages, a rough UI and some filtering to select a specific set of papers. Also, some testing to see how large a set of papers one gets without any filters is on the TODO list. One feature that might make the tool actually useful is integration with zotero.

pdf-presenter-console + LaTeX Beamer

I've recently started using the Notes feature of pdf-presenter-console (since I upgraded to a recent version that supports them). Specifically, the notes are written to a human-readable file (X.pdfpc for the file X.pdf, by default). I write my lecture slides in LaTeX (using these templates), and I want to write the notes file directly from the LaTeX source. I don't know if this is possible within LaTeX (the alternative would be writing a script that greps through the tex file for comments containing a specific pattern). Someone else used pgf overlays to make notes (back when pdfpc didn't support notes).