Hello, world!

Hi, I'm Rens van der Heijden (namnatulco). This is my personal page. My interests include traditional hacker ideas (anything with computers), typical geek ideas (anything with space) and unusual music. I'm increasingly active in the OpenData group in Ulm, as well as the /dev/radio bi-weekly radio show hosted by members of the CCC Ulm.

On the web, I'm currently most active on twitter. I'm also on github, last.fm, RYM, sourceforge and a couple of other places, but they have fallen into disuse over time. When I'm not working, eating or sleeping, I either play video games or try to work on some projects: more on those projects here. One of those was setting up a new blog on this server. The old blog is still around.

If you want to reach me, the easiest way is probably skype (username is my nickname) or e-Mail. I also have a jabber nick (namnatulco at jabber.ccc.de) that I log in on with reasonable frequency. I used to be somewhat active on IRC under my nickname on various networks, though I haven't been here in a while.

Talks and events

Here's a list of things I attended (reverse-chronological).